osteopath chingford

Chingford Osteopaths are dedicated to the treatment of Musculo-Skeletal complaints; Neck, Back, Muscle or Joint as well as long-term debilitating conditions which cause pain and affect daily living.

Osteopathy is state-regulated, like Dentists & Doctors and is a proven method of treating many Musculo-Skeletal conditions. There is no mystery or magic; it is the application of science and clinical skill combining to understand and restore your body's natural balance & function.

If you are familiar with Osteopathy you will know the benefits it can bring in correcting acute & chronic problems and dramatically improving your quality of life.


If you are not sure what Osteopathy is then hopefully this site can provide some answers and encourage you, a friend or loved one to come along to our friendly, family practice for advice & treatment.

This practice thrives on the recommendation of its patients; those who have found relief through Osteopathy and today are pain free or suffer pain, more mobile and increasingly active.

Please feel free to call. While we may be to busy to talk at the time we will always call you back.